Not only because we brew it and sell it across the country as Black Storm Brewery but because we get to try new ones and pretend its work. We believe that there is nothing better than sharing a great beer with friends and that’s why we want to share the beers we have found with you at the Beer Box flagship at Stack Newcastle.


One day we were on the beach at Whitley Bay – just a couple of mates and a dog moaning about life. Drinking a beer and thinking about what we could do instead of being grown-ups.

We thought about what skills we had. We’d run pubs and restaurants and missed the life it created, meeting amazing people, and how lucky we thought the Brewers were as they didn’t have to work the hours we did.

Then it came to us – let’s brew beer! It was getting late, the light was fading and, as we walked home, a Black Storm was brewing out to sea.

After many nights (and days) of excessive tasting, in fact, a whole 18 months of it – and a lot of trial and error, fights, falling outs, and a lot of laughter – our first beer was born. Black Storm Bitter.

From that point on we knew we wanted to make great beer and get to share it with others. To do it we have gone back to our roots by opening small independent bars and retail outlets to champion craft beer in all its forms. The support of family and friends, and our ever-growing extended family of storm chasers, have helped us get our beer stocked all the way from Whitley Bay up to Edinburgh, and all the way down to Sussex (so far).

We can’t thank you enough for buying our beer and taking a chance on two guys who didn’t want to work proper jobs (and a dog who was chasing a seagull). But we can promise we will keep making great beer and still do some excessive tasting from time to time at the beach.

Many Thanks

Paul & Jay – and of course Alfie (the dog) too.

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