The Internet allows people to explore and experience the world without physically travelling there. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t apply to the food, and this is why we would like to bring the goodness of Asian food to the UK.In our student days, we all had our go-to food but often, its not as good as we remember. 

We decided to perfect our recipe to maintain the consistency of our flavour.Our recipe was crafted from traditional Asian recipes and some adjustment improved the flavour for our local taste. 

We take every noodle box seriously and attentively.Basically our noodles box is for all walks of life. 

It is perfectly made for anyone who wishes to enjoy a delicious meal in between their hectic lifestyle and whoever would like to explore Asian cuisine. 

When it comes to ordering, customers have total freedom by creating their own noodle box or choosing one of our classic boxes.

Ron, Director

Traders eat